Assurance by Insurance

Assurance by Insurance

As we make our way through this thing called life we learn valuable lessons, unfortunately sometimes as a result of a mistake.  Being a well seasoned professional in the painting industry I’ve seen a re-occurring mistake made by the consumer directly as a result of the current economic situation and I am here to put fact into action to keep YOU from making this same mistake!

I think we will all agree that a renovation project planned for your home or business should never result in frustration, preventable unaccounted expenses or lack of completion by the contractor.

When selecting your contractor (of any profession), keep your eyes opened and be aware of how this person conducts them self.  A contractor should arrive prepared with references (if you have not, in fact, gleaned this contractor from someone you already know), arrive in a timely fashion, be tidy in vehicle and person, be well spoken in the language of your country AND HAVE PROOF OF INSURANCE, as well as a certificate of authority to collect state sales tax.  Think of it this way: If the company is not valued enough by either an insurance company for liability insurance, or by your state for workman’s comp and sales tax then I urge you with every ounce of my energy to RUN–DO NOT HIRE such an individual or company!

Too many times I have seen the consumer hire such an individual because their price came in more reasonable than other quotes and like most people today, a budget is a budget and must be adhered to.  I can’t stress enough the reason that an insured contractor’s pricing will be higher than that of a non-insured contractor.  Can we say that this is truly a case in point of “you get what you pay for”?  A true professional outlays large amounts of money each year to cover the various insurances, as well as expensive trade updates, proper tool maintenance and a host of additional business expenses which are all required for them to provide you the very best possible experience as a consumer.

Too many times I have been called in to repair the work of another “professional”…so did they really end up saving money in the end?  And what about the price of aggravation—avoidable aggravation? And for those of you who believe that nothing will happen on such a small job…I have witnessed the tales of expensive lawsuits by uninsured contractors sustaining an injury on the homeowner’s property.  Without your contractor providing proof of insurance, you and you alone will be held liable in a court of law for not only damage to your own property by the contractor, but medical and liability for your contractor’s injury!

An experienced professional brings with them the talent along with

faux painting

Proof of Insurance

knowledge, dedication to the trade, AND INSURANCE which ASSURES you that this contractor will do what you have contracted them to do.

So, put together a REALISTIC, fair market budget for your project and REST ASSURED that it will come out fabulous!

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