Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

You may want to whisper this little trick to your friends who admire your always perfect pillow “still life” and wonder how you manage to keep them so neat and consistent.  This is a trick I’ve used for years when working in clients’ homes and want to leave the room just as I found it. For your own use I recommend the following:

1. Take a picture

2. Print it out and store it nearby for reference.

3. Use the bed or sofa without fear of disturbing your masterpiece

I recently arranged a client’s bedding after handpainting the nearby lamp and Pier 1 Headboard when she quietly admitted that she was afraid to actually use the bed for fear of not being able to replicate the assemblage of pillows and bedding.  I quickly emailed her a photo of the bed fully arranged which she now keeps in a drawer while finally enjoying her newly updated room.

Technology at its finest! Shhhhhhh…

faux paint

Pillow Arrangement

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