What is re-finished furniture?

It’s furniture that your parents, grand parents  or great grand parents had owned and which no longer serves a purpose……or does it?   Interior Creations has taken these long forgotten treasures and given them a new life.  Therefore, sentimental pieces that previously did not match the decor in your home will now be the best of both worlds….and you can once again Love them!

Now, we are offering our clients not only ideas for repurposing, but also re-finishing and transforming these pieces into works of art.  In addition, we are pleased to offer hand selected and pre-finished pieces for your purchase.  In her travels, Julia is continously on the hunt for fine pieces of furniture calling out for her artistic re-finishing.

In addition to one of a kind hand finishing, each piece will be personally signed by the artist to ensure your new work of art maintains its value not only in your heart but as an investiment and promotes local artisanship.

The following pieces are currently available for purchaase.   Please check back regularly due to the fact that the availability of these works of art fluctuate almost daily!  Presently, they are only available for local pick up however, shipping arrangements can be negotiated.

Mirror Dresser - Item # 08131001075

Price: $ 1,250

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